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Younger Psychology is conveniently located in Long Island and New York City. We offer a host of family and forensic services, based on years of extensive experience working with children and adults.

Our services include Parenting Coordination for high-conflict families; psychotherapeutic treatment services, such as individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, and collateral sessions; and specialized interventions to reintegrate estranged/alienated parents with children, such as therapeutic visitation targeting parental skill development, child adjustment and well-being.

In addition, we work closely with Family and Supreme Courts, as well as attorneys, to provide thorough and comprehensive infant, child, psychological, substance use, and forensic family assessments. The results are used to generate psycho-legal decisions, parenting plans, parental access monitoring protocols, and treatment plans.

As such, we facilitate settlement conferences to assist families with designing a creative, individualized access schedule that meets the needs of their family. We also consult with attorneys regarding mental health issues and provide psychological research, analysis, and perspective.


Infant & Child Assessments

Mental Health & Substance Use Assessments

Child Custody Evaluations

Interventions for High-Conflict Families


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