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Parenting Coordination

Implement an Alternate Dispute Resolutions (ADR) model to assist parents and/or guardians in mediating disagreements and reaching cooperative and collaborative resolutions

Parenting Plan Development

Craft parenting plans in consideration of each child’s developmental stage and evolving needs, as well as the family’s social and religious practices.

Parenting Coaching

Educate parents on unique parenting tactics, including systems of reinforcement, that target and manage problematic child-based behaviors.

Infant/Toddler Assessments

Evaluate a young child’s developmental status, identify areas in need of monitoring/intervention, and provide home and school-based recommendations.

Diagnostic Evaluations

Conduct comprehensive psychological assessments that account for bio-psycho-social etiological and sustaining factors, and provide recommendations for remediation, including psychotherapeutic interventions and placement when appropriate.

Substance Use Assessments

Evaluate an individual’s past and present use of substances, consider the existence of a comorbid DSM-5 disorder, and provide recommendations for treatment and substance use monitoring.

Forensic Family Assessments

Conduct court-ordered evaluations of parental fitness that take into account each caregiver’s capabilities and each child’s needs and functioning to aid the Court in determining custody. 

Family Reunification

Provide specialized interventions, involving all members of the family, to decrease problematic caregiver-child dynamics and promote healthy family bonds and effective communication among all family members. 

Therapeutic Visitation

Facilitate positive contact between caregivers and child(ren) in office and community based settings.

Family Therapy

Intervene with immediate and extended family systems, including blended families, intended parents, and intended surrogates, to address specific matters occurring within the family, including life changing events, mental health issues, medical concerns, etc.

Individual and Couples Therapy

Provide Psychodynamic, CBT, and/or Emotion Focused Therapy to children and adults.

Mental Health Consultations 

Consult with educational institutions, attorneys, and courts regarding psychological matters, such as a client’s mental health disposition and prognosis. Identify mitigating and exacerbating factors of issues noted.