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Dr. Younger, Psy.D.

clinical director

Leah R. Younger, Psy.D., is  a licensed psychologist in New York State. After working in elementary schools and child inpatient settings, Dr. Younger obtained postdoctoral training and has been practicing in the fields of child and forensic psychology since.

In her current role as Clinical Director of Younger Psychology, Dr. Younger provides a wide range of child and divorce-related services. These include performing assessments and therapeutic interventions with diverse populations of children, adults, and families.

Dr. Younger also provides trial consultation services, including testifying as an expert witness and conducting peer review. Dr. Younger performs these functions for families involved in Family and Supreme Courts of Nassau County, Richmond County, Kings County, Queens County, and New York County.

Across the services she provides, Dr. Younger applies her knowledge of psychology to each matter, promoting the understanding, sensitivity, and meaningful decision-making of her clients and other involved professionals.

Dr. Younger has also been a member of the undergraduate psychology department at Mercy College, where she was an instructor on childhood and adolescent psychopathology. She was an adjunct faculty member at Pace University’s doctoral program, teaching infant assessment.

Dr. Gerson, Psy.D.


Darrin W. Gerson, Psy.D., a clinician at Younger Psychology,  is a New York State licensed psychologist with extensive experience working with children, adolescents, and adults in a host of settings including inpatient, residential, and outpatient facilities. He is currently the Chief of Service at Creedmoor Psychiatric Center.


Dr. Gerson conducts psychological evaluations across Long Island and New York City for parties including DSS/ACS, OCFS, Family Court and Supreme Court, and has provided a range of other assessments, including focused diagnostic evaluations and in-depth evaluations of competency and risk assessment.


Dr. Gerson also provides psychological assessments, psychotherapy, and therapeutic visitation services at Younger Psychology. He specializes in matters related to psychological assessments, as well as individual and family therapy- specializing in matters related to depression, anxiety, anger/violence, and traumatic responses to events such as death, divorce, and abuse. Dr. Gerson approaches clients in a process-guided approach, seeking to understand how problems have evolved. He then assists clients in gaining strength and understanding in order to take control of their lives in a positive and healthy manner.